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Tips for Creating a Low Maintenance Garden and Lawn

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The issue of having a better curb appeal comes to the mind of any homeowner at certain points. Sometimes, your front view may look good enough, but you’ll still want to think of nicer ideas to get the neighbors even more jealous. Ah, well. What about the very important factor called affordable maintenance? Your ideas shouldn’t be giving you financial hassles in the future.

Whatever the case may be, always go for cost-effectiveness. In view of this, we’ll be providing lawn and garden tips in terms of cheap maintenance. They’ll be useful for your decision-making process whenever you think of effecting any transformation.

Use Xeriscape-Worthy Plants

This can save the gardener time, energy, and money. Mowing lawns isn’t easy work. It takes a lot of time and effort. It’s expensive to replace a lawn that’s been badly affected by drought. Apart from that, getting a really good lawn mower can leave a huge dent in your savings account.

Instead of tending to lawns with so much time and money—while hoping that the next drought doesn’t turn your gardening efforts to vanity—why not do an overhaul.? Change your approach to landscaping. Try cost-effective and water-wise plants that are great alternatives to grass. For example: Sedum autumn joy, Clover, etc.

Some of these plants are insect-resistant like clover, and can thrive well in competition with weeds. Also, it takes time for them to mature enough for the gardener to think of mowing them. They’re strong and co will give you few hassles.

Rocks Rock Too

You can have what’s known as a rock garden. What will you be planting? Rocks, of course. OK, just kidding. You can add your xeriscape-worthy plants to the garden. The rocks, preferably ornamental types, will be used to decorate the space you’re targeting. Make sure you choose the right plants and design for this idea.

Plant Ground Covers

This is a smart landscaping move that will prove to be effective against drought and pests (e.g. deer and insects). Ground cover plants that deer don’t eat include hellebore, lungwort, astilbe, Japanese painted fern, gardenia, brunnera, and so on. You won’t have to spend time and money in replacing them. You’ll also be saving your energy.

Employ Automatic Irrigation Systems

If you really want to keep your beloved lawn, you could do this. Just make sure it’s an affordable enough adoption. Automatic irrigation systems offer a convenient means of watering your lawn and tackling drought. You don’t have to put in much effort in watering the grass. The switch can be operated in a matter of seconds, and the rest will be left to the system.

Hopefully, the tips in this guide offered options that are affordable enough for you. Convenience is also another important factor that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Before spending money on buying the necessary things or hiring the right hands, be sure of the ease in implementing the landscaping strategy you want to adopt.…

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