Month: July 2020


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Most homeowners buy homes for the added advantage of having a big property in which they can have a big home house and a big backyard. Designing your courtyard needs proper planning prior to the work time. If you create an attractive courtyard, you can be able to freely enjoy the appeal along with your household and friends as you relax there. Although designing a lovely courtyard is a task that could cost you time, money and even strength, it is worth it. Here are five ideas that will help you create an inviting courtyard that you always wish to achieve.

Choose fashionable and comfortable furniture

When selecting the furniture to use in the decoration, you should not only choose a stylish type but also one with comfort when sat on. Your courtyard is a placed you’ll want to spend most of your time relaxing and therefore you need avoid any mistake. If you budget is too tight, you can be able to get soft cushions and place them on top of the hard bars. You can also choose the cushions of your color taste.

Special lighting

If you need an inviting courtyard, you will definitely need some luxurious lighting that will create an attractive night. You can enjoy the backyard during the nights of warm summer when your lighting is proper. You can place some spotlights along the backyard path or use string lights. Besides helping you to clearly as you move in the backyard during a night, lighting also keeps the space warm and welcoming.

Decorate your floors

An inviting courtyard has to be elegant and beautiful. You should therefore ensure the floor is attractive since it is the first thing you get to see when entering the backyard. When choosing the type of material, the color and pattern to use in decoration, consider the influence of your climate on the wear and tear of the floor.

Choose the right location

When creating a lovely backyard, the location is an important aspect you should never ignore. Consider the direction of wind, the place the sun hits as well as the view as you plan for your courtyard.

Attention-getting vegetation

Having flowers and plants around the courtyard makes the place calm and more attractive. You can plant some unique trees, potted plants and also some beautiful clay work. You should consider hiring a landscape designer to help you have a beautiful landscape if you lack a green thumb.

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